We carry out overall quality control from the manufacturing process to completed delivery in order to ensure

that our customers use our products free from anxiety.

We specify our original inspection standards and QC process chart to the cooperative company based on

]the specifications agreed with the customers

separately from the quality control systems of the local Chinese manufacturers, and supply products

manufactured under strict quality control.

Our inspection department carries out strict acceptance inspections of products inspected by the contract manufacturer in accordance with the inspection standards.

We supply products that passed the acceptance inspection.

● Various dimensional measuring equipment: made in MITUTOYO

● Gauss meter: ML-20DH made in MAGNET LABORATORIES

● Flux meter: DFM-1C made in MAGNET LABORATORIES

● Magnetizing/demagnetizing equipment: PC-1510D made in MAGNET LABORATORIES

● Other inspection equipments: Use our partnership manufacturer's inspection equipments


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